Wheelman looking for a hired gun. NOT a clan/crew

I already belong to a crew. Basically just looking for a friend with a mic to do missions with here and there. My crew works thirds and so they're in bed by noon. Sometimes I play in the afternoon, and would still like to do missions. I don't play GTA everyday, I don't want a daily invite either. Just a casual friend with mutual interest.
I'm not looking to run around the map and harass other players. I'm focused on doing missions and earning money. I might be up for a few races or even some race "boosting" just to unlock some things for my cars. I enjoy driving in the game a lot and got no problem chauffeuring someone around. I do consider myself a wheelman of sorts.

If you play Battlefield 4, Forza 4 or Horizon, Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, or most racing games, that'd be a bonus and I'd play those with you as well.
Please send a message telling me you're from the forums, or I will decline. Thanks.

Gamertag is Metal Kaz 3. 


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I grind missions all the time.  I don't race boost beside I have all my race unlocks legit.  Well i'm the king pin in my crew and usually one of my BEER guys chauffeur me around when we have a bunch on.  But prefer grinding missions for the new real estates coming soon.

Your giving Rockstar to much credit. Your so sure they are bringing these houses but they havnt added anything new besides 3 cars, 1 boat,  a bunch of clothes, tats, and a creator mode. They have life invader on the GTA internet as well as a lingerie store, bubble gun lollypop, making free money, and a lot more. we cant use any of these so what makes you so sure they will bring houses out. You cant believe everything that you read.

And there we gobagain, random opinions novody asked for. I'd bust you on grammar to be equally annoying, but it's too much hassle.

On topic: I hope you find your gunman Kaz. I'd offer, but I'm also more of a wheelman.

Speaking of grammar, my thumbs are not made for touchscreens. Though, I know the difference between "your" and "you're"  because I completed grade 3. Cheers before angry doofus nerd rage of the over-privileged consumer!

Omnomnom ; )

I'm down shoot me a friend request!

You can count me in, when ever you are ready for some missions, or need help with a mission, you can let me know. I provide air support