Wheel set ups

I found this a while back and found it helpful. Just thought I would post it up for others to try out.


T10 Pitpass Report Wheel Settings

Recommended Wireless Steering Wheel Settings:
Steering Axis Deadzone Inside - 0%
Steering Axis Deadzone Outside - 100%
Brake Deadzone Inside - 10%
Brake Deadzone Outside - 90%
Throttle Deadzone Inside - 10%
Throttle Deadzone Outside - 100%
Forza Feedback Scale - 100%
Vibration Scale - 100%

B Quiet N Drive Settings

Steering Axis Dead Zone Inside 2%
Steering Axis Dead Zone Outside 75%
Brake Dead Zone Inside 10%
Brake Dead Zone Outside  98%
Throttle Dead Zone Inside 10%
Throttle Dead Zone Outside 98%
Force Feedback Scale 100%
Vibration Scale 100%

mnchkn N Drive Settings tcs-abs

Steering Axis Dead Zone Inside 0%
Steering Axis Dead Zone Outside 100%
Brake Dead Zone Inside 2%
Brake Dead Zone Outside  100%
Throttle Dead Zone Inside 0%
Throttle Dead Zone Outside 100%
Force Feedback Scale 100%
Vibration Scale 100%


fastviper PL wheel setup

----[ Wheel ]----
Steering axis deadzone inside: 0%-2%
Steering axis deadzone outside: 70-75%
comment: steering speed almost matches controller

Brake deadzone inside: 0%
Brake deadzone outside: 100%
Throttle - the same
comment: immediate reaction to any feet movement, even slight touch. Kicking throttle doesn't brake traction as with usual inside:15, outside 90.
Brakes depend highly on car, but with 0%/100% you get highest possible feeling.

Force Feedback Scale: 25%
comment: As force feedback only slows you down, 25% is enough to both have fun _and_ have decent lap times. YMMV.

Vibration Scale: 60%
comment: understanding vibration signals is what makes you alot faster than with controller as one quickly understands if suspesion is too stiff, or when tires are on the edge of traction. The higher the better, 60% is enough for me.


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I'm assuming these are for the no-longer-in-production Microsoft Wireless Racing Wheel?

No these are for any wheel. You can set the feedback and such on most any "good" wheel.

Ah, I see.  For what it's worth, I've posted a thread with my settings that I use with my GT2 wheel here.