Wheel of Misfortune bug? Can't play game

I went back to Fable 3 to dl and play Traitors Keep. I went to Reaver's Mansion for the Wheel of Misfortune to have some fun, but had to go do an errand. I saved my character in the room with the wheel. When I came back, all the doors were closed and I couldn't interact with the wheel. The only thing I can interact with in the room is the scoreboard. I can't fast travel because "You cannot fast travel until you complete your current quest." But I can't complete the quest without spinning the wheel!

  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Luckily my bf plays too, so if it can't be fixed I'll just have to start a new character and gift all of my weapons etc.. but I have all of the weapons and clothing, so that would take quite a while. Thanks to any who can give me some advice!


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Unfortunately you are stuck. This is a common bug.

What you should always do in Fable 3 if you get stuck is to get out of the game without saving by hitting the xbox button and hit Y to get out of the game. Then it will go back to your last save.

Many including me have a character stuck in there and there's is so far no way out.

Sorry man.

Awwwww, snap. Ah, well, I kind of expected it at this point. Thanks though =)

i joined someones game the other night and the idiot was just running around that room maby he was stuck or maby it was you lol i left after 5 minutes of watching this idiot run around that room doing nothing