What's your favorite deck?

Early on I'm loving the U/G ramp deck...tons of ramp and card draw. I also like the Unsummon card that gives you Saporling tokens to stall with. I'm kind of surprised they put Eldrazi in the game.

Also messed around a bit with the Esper artifact deck. Seems a little underpowered without Master of Etheruim but Steel Overseer can get pretty crazy.


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Playing with Gideon's deck so far.  I prefer to pick one and play until I unlock everything.  I will say having just unlocked Jace's deck I am disappointed in the direction they took.  Took a so-so counter deck and turned it into yet another creature deck.  I guess this is the way they prefer the game--creature battles. (Feels more like a pre-release tourney or draft which are creature fests).  Would be nice if they stuck to some of the choices from the first iteration by making a decent counter deck.  Heck as inconsistent as Jace's original deck was, I could still win a fair number of games with it--sad to see the removal of a counter themed deck.

Anyone know if there are any infect decks yet ?

My favorite is also the UG Ramp.  I love mana ramp decks.  UG is always full of tech.

Also I maxed out the white deck , it's really nasty.

yeah im the same way as you vkandis i unlocked the whole white deck so far and am switching between the artifact and blue decks at the moment

Ancient Depths is pretty sweet.    Kicked Rite of Replication on Primeval Titan last night thinned my deck a bit...

Anyone knows where I can check the deck list online?

You can check them in-game (as long as you have the deck unlocked).

Actually you don't need the deck(s) unlocked to check them, deck editor you can select decks you don't have unlocked yet. obviously just can't edit them or move anything though.  I really can't believe they built that ug deck... but then again I did get a turn 4 with the soldier deck.  That armor is awesome...

Strength of Stone is absurdly powerful, considering it's the first deck you unlock.

I HATE the UG deck.

What the *** is a U/G Ramp Deck.

What even is a Ramp Deck.

I use ancient depths atm, I like it but hell is SLOW - before that I used the white deck which is pretty cool with all the equipments n ***

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