What's with all the modders?

I only play TBoGT - so I can't speak for the other Multiplayer games.


Suddenly, there has been a MASSIVE influx of modders. Literally, nearly every room I enter there's a modder. 


It's getting annoying, something needs to be done. 


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It isn't just recently, there have been modders ruining the online experience for a long time now.  I've reached Rockstar multiple times concerning the issue and they have yet to assure that something is going to be done about it.

For now we can form together groups of individuals who don't modify their Xbox 360.  

Any ideas?

ive noticed that modders cant play with police on. something about the cop freezing them up...

I agree.  It makes the game unplayable.  Due to the few modders who constantly freeze the game up.  

Decide to play with cops on and didn't notice any modders either.  There may have been a break through people.

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Im hoping Gta 5 will be unmoddable this is my biggest hope


Theres not not much chance of that but if Rockstar takes action against them right from the start it might put some of them off.

this is very discouraging news........i was really hoping to play this game online again........i guess not

Just file a complaint on any modder you see, for 'System Tampering'.  The more reports these people have, the more chance they have of being banned.  I know it works because the majority of modders I see have little to NO gamerscore, meaning that account is probably just recently created on another non-banned console.

Im hoping Gta 5 will be unmoddable this is my biggest hope

just got tbogt(legit player here) always down to play some gta or rdr(lvl50 5th legend)...send msg with fr as i delete most randoms...please no squeakers...24yo i am