whats up with the speed??

all the animations in the game looks like everyone is jacked up on speed?!?!!?? reload speeds are to fast...run speeds are crazy....do you think they will slow it down a tad before release? I dont mind it being a little faster from gears 2 but man gears 3 is very hectic....

It also seems like there is no ability to b e safe once someine opens fire on you..almost like everyone has a perfect active reload by default.

any thoughts?


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It's more frantic, like Gears 1. I like it A LOT better, to be honest.

gears 3 has actually made me better at gears 2 going back to it.i just turn the sensitivity up all the way on gears 2,but yea love how they sped it up in 3 makes it more crazy.

I like how gears 3 is from the beta its much better than gears 1 and 2 i just hope they havent changed it to much because of people complaining about weapons and such

Go back and play Gears 1 and you'll realize that Gears 3 isn't really that fast.  They could have sped it up even more.

They made it a bit faster and it's for the better! I love it like this, one of the reasons I enjoyed the beta so much. It is more like Gears 1 at this speed.

Rod Furgusson even said "we did slow Gears 2 down a little bit in order to make it more accessible and in Gears 3, I think we've found this middle ground."

Gears 1 is faster then Gears 2. Epic said the wanted to bring the Gears1 speed back and i think its much better that way