whats up with the leader boards ?

the dude on the top has 0 gamer score and only shows 3 star rep ? whats up with that how to you play NW3 for 56 days and play thousands of people and your rep does not go up ?  plus how do people get 100% accurcy and shoot 600 + shots ?


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1) It was hacked.

2) Don't miss.

IW game, thats why the LB's get hacked

Like said before all cod games leaderboards get hacked. Thankfully with this game the leaderboards get regularly reset and if you look tomorrow the top person will most likely be different because the top person before was reset. Also on a side note editing posts on an Iphone is like a sin to this website, it refuses to work 3 out of 4 times.

I am glad that I am nowhere near the top of the leaderboard

I keep an eye on the ffa leaderboards, nothing ever looks hacked to me, its always the same people.

Its mainly the score leaderboards that get hacked