Whats up with the cut-scenes in Single Player?

9 out of 10 look like they are in 480i? I just beat it finally (i prefer multiplayer over any single player) and the last cutscene had me wondering if I was playing on Nintendo 64!

I mean I just watched a standard DVD in 480p that looked 10x better. Gameplay looked better then cut scenes which is the exact opposite of every other game around?

FYI I'm playing on a 40" 1080p Samsung LCD


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Something is wrong on your end because I am playing on a small SD T.V screen and it looks fine to me.

Well DUH, no crap it looks good. SD content is made for SD TV's. For some reason the game doesnt have the cutscenes in HD.

Yeah because people dont buy a game for cutscenes...

^ Some people do.. it's called the story of the game! DUH!

I have not had any issues and the graphics look great on my 61 inch HD TV

I hate to break it to ya, but if you buy a game for cutscenes, you're better off with a movie. i buy a game for gameplay.