whats up with some more armored trucks!?

Sometimes you will see like 3 in 30 minutes sometimes not for days...i love attacking those things lol


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I rarely see the armored trucks, at this point though, I have more fun just fighting against the police

I got my platinum award for attacking 25 of them. Only took an hour last night in an invite only server with my brother. They would spawn almost as fast as I could blow the doors off the back on them.

Yes I have seen this also. After about 5 of them im like ok, ok no more and im tired of the cops so just go on with your bad self you armored beast. LOL. Seems that these particular armored cars give less cash than the one a day version. Im only banking about 3,000 off of these and my highest for the old ones was like 16,000.

I just hope that when rockstar resets everything, they don't try to make the payouts all low and what not, im am pretty sure they are so they can make there little money off cash cards which is not going to happen becauase they let the modders take over, and I am 100% sure modders will step in again if they try to make the payouts low again

Its weird, once I got 3 in 10 minutes. But sometimes you wont see them for hours.

Sucks when the same truck rolls around town.  Then you think its a new one till you get ready behind it with sticky bomb and you see the back doors swinging.  lol  Like damn I robbed that one already.

After I hit a few in a row, they didn't drop any money after that. They kept respawning, but once you blow the back doors off no money bags dropped out, only wanted levels and a police chase.

LOL Graw2robz. So true. You already hit those Madivee.