Whats the point

Whats the point in reporting some for emblems, cheating, boosting or what ever. And yes I report people for emblems not that it matters I keep seeing the same people with the same emblem I just reported them for.


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You do realize your gamertag has "horse semen" in it, right?

Only if you read it wrong, and add in an extra "s" and "e".

your bright you think of that all by yourself and still did it wrong.

the way it works is not to ban that emblem , therefore some-one else can make the same, but to ban the person reported from using the emblem editor at all. i report them all too as some images i dont want my kids seeing when they pass he screen.

That is the whole reason the game is rated M for Mature so it is right for a M game to have things like that. The point of a game being rated Mature is for kids to not play it. So by law in America it is legal. So if you do not want kids to see MATURE images in a MATURE game do not let them play the game in the first place. This is the whole reason the created the ESRB in the 90's in America.

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 This is the whole reason the created the ESRB in the 90's in America.


The ESRB is NOT government run. It is a PRIVATE organization, and gives RECOMMENDATONS for ratings.  These ratings are NOT law of any sort.


In FACT, the Constitution says kids, also American Citizens, CAN play M rated games..The only laws on the books regarding game ratings, is at the point of sale, and that is ONLY in a few States.


PS. According t the ToS offensive emblems are NOT allowed on the game.  When you signed the ToS, you forfieted your rights to Free Speech on he Xbox Live network, and MUST adhere to those rules. So in America, there is NO law that says you can have a swastica or sex toy on your emblem on a private network that has their own rules.


That makes it sound more like it should be rated T then and not M.

no the esrb ratings just warn the parent about whats in the game so an m rated game is rated M for a reason