What's the point of Eco-Boxes?

Why cut out bits and pieces of the case that keep the game disc safe? Why not just make the entire case smaller? With smaller cases comes smaller manuals (even though they're already thin) and smaller game cover art, those two things would also attribute to cutting back costs wouldn't it?

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The point of them is to break discs.

Something people fail to understand is where these game cases end up. They don't end up in the dump. Most people will sell or keep their games. So, it isn't a polution issue. Also, last I checked, games cases don't grow on trees, because they are synthetic plastics. So in reality, what do eco cases do? Not protect our games and save the company a couple pennies per case.

I think you're giving people too much credit. Seems to be people are bothered because it inconveniences them personally.  I guess people have great reasons for being wasteful about manuals too?


I don't care if anyone hates me over this. I'm just tired of people being selfish and not caring about the impact it has on the world. Call me a hippy or w/e I don't care.

I dont get how people actively hate towards the environment, yes the publishers save money but the changes benefit everyone. Considering whats happened in the last 50 years people need to develop a bit of forethought.

Its not the 50's, you will need to make personal adjustments in your life for the greater good. Its this sort of attitude that's created such a devastating sense of entitlement its astonishing.

There are zero reasons why a case would break that isn't the fault of the user. Step on a case? Why was it on the floor?

[quote user="Assassinator010"]

To break our game disks so we need to go out and buy another copy of the game.



the way i see it  they dont wanna make the case smaller because then it would be easier to steal and you also have to take in account that if you change the box size then you can put in RED BOXES and such

cuz the hippies and people who say 10% more plastic is gonna end the world ...

Every little bit helps, these cases are also quite a bit thinner and most BluRay and DVD cases feature the same cut outs and recycled materials. Manuals are being phased out because no one reads them when in-game tutorials are the norm. Less materials + less weight = better for environment.


Personally if the next generation of discs and DVD cases were scaled down to the size of the standard BluRay case that would be fine with me. Removing discs is pretty easy if you have a flat surface (hold the case in the palm of your hand). Push the button in the middle and they pop out, after 2-3 removals the disc ejects pretty easily.

What's wrong with you?  No one actually has issues with them saving money or the environment just so long as they keep the disc safe.  Like other people have said, other cases manage this without damaging games.

It's all to save the trees and the ecosystem man, and stuff like that. :P


Oh, and to save some coin and have an excuse to say "We care!"

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