Whats the fastest car you can buy online?

Whats the fastest car you can buy online?


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is the list different from single player? i assume the cars aren't nerfed online, so i'd guess the cheetah or any number of the super cars is a safe bet for speed machines. i like the surano personally.

Either the car that looks like the CCX(Entity XF), veyron(Adder), or the one that looks like the enzo(the cheetah). Those three are the best performance vehicles I've used thus far.

I like the cheetah the best out of the three, because although it's top speed is the slowest of the three, its traction, and brake is the best of the three which is more important in the city with lots of turns, meaning turning at higher speeds, and you can physically tell when driving too.

My three single player characters all have cheetahs. With the best performance mods, it's too fast. like literally. When the car hits it top speed of 220MPH, man, you can't control it very well without the use of franklins ability. The car simply moves too fast to react to, let's say, a car your about to crash into. By the time you see the damn car, your already probably in it's rear end. They don't call it the cheetah, the fastest four legged mammal, for nothing. The world starts turning into a blur around you. But when your on a straight and your peeling away, man, NOTHING can keep up with you. Out ran cops, and even their helicopters.

You have to use the car's superior braking and cornering to REALLY make the car shine. It brakes so damn fast. About to run into something and your at a speed thats too high to control it, just slow down, and then move, it works so damn well. And it sticks to the road too like glue too. It has lots of traction, you dont lose traction when going into a corner at higher speeds like other cars which will begin to make the car spin out. It doesnt defy physics though, remember that.

It's my favorite car, and I love it so much that I made a thread in this forum dedicated to it, and right now on GTA Online, I'm saving up my money for it. I havent spent my money on much besides a cheap garage to hold it, but I'm sitting at 425K right now. Once I hit that 650K. I'm going to buy that car so damn hard. My driving is at MAX with a pro racer rating and when I get that car, man, the online racing scene is going to HATE ME in that cheetah.

Man if rockstar didnt take the buying GTA cash feature down, I would have bought the damn car with real life money. I want it that bad. I LOVE driving this car. I jump back into single player from to time, just to drive it around and let the cops chase me and watch them turn into specs in my real view as I laugh while riding into the sunset.