What's The Difference Between Difficulties?

I started off on Planeswalker automatically (I believe after answering that I've played a lot of Magic previously), but the computer didn't seem that difficult still.
Are the decks given better cards (because I believe that's what the Revenge Campaign is for), or is there another way to make the game more difficult? With little-to-no difficulty i beat the campaign and complete all but 2 challenges on Planeswalker difficulty in less than a day. 


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I believe Planeswalker is the highest difficulty setting. The real fun is the online play, though, not the campaign. Of course, that is an opinion and not a fact, but it seems that even the design of the game is now more focused on online-play.

Best suggestion is to play online.  The AI is only going to be able to go so far with strategy and tactical play.  Outside of making your deck weaker by putting in bad cards there is not much you can do to make the AI more of a challenge.  AI is not that bad but no way it will come close to good players.