What's the deal?

So, recently I got back into playing Halo: Reach, sort of; I play Living Dead Gametype the majority of the time, I also play Black Ops but not as often, recently.  What I do notice however is people who play BLoPs more often, or Halo more often tend to say the other game sucks and anyone who plays the "opposing" game sucks, this is all purely based upon opinion, it doesn't matter which ever game you like more, if you like it then you like it.


What I would like to know is what you think, whether it be about the people who like which ever game, or about the games themselves; but know that if you disagree with another's opinion, it's THEIR opinion, not fact; you don't need to "convert" them into liking one game or the other, if they like it they like it.


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Here's the fact then:

Both games suck.

Done, nobody's mad now.

I just don't get, or really understand, the "rivalry" or whatever it is between Halo and Call of Duty.


I didn't get it during the time of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. I still don't get it now.

I like both games.  Never understood the mentality to put-down the competition just because you like one game better.  

Comparing these games is worse than comparing Call of Duty and Battlefield, which is still a pretty bad comparison. Halo is fun, there really is no cheap way to die to me because most weapons require effort to get it in your hand or rarely are a one hit kill. Call of Duty is fun because you don't have to try when you play, you just run around and shoot everything that moves. Battlefield is fun because you the the feeling of accomplishment for squad play when playing with your friends.

Both of these games have lost their way

[QUOTE ] Here's the fact then:

Both games suck.

Done, nobody's mad now. [/QUOTE ]

This. Also, I thought this thread was going to be about swamp leeches.

Call of Duty VS Brink

Call of Duty VS Crysis

Call of Duty VS Battlefield

Call of Duty VS Homefront

Call of Duty VS Halo

Call of Duty VS Everything

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Everything wins due to not being CoD.

Getting a job and benefiting society vs cod/halo