Whats the best way to get points to increase your armor & rank once a day? Been playing online for 9 days now, Rank of Warrant Officer

I have been playing online for about 9 days now, having gotten my gold membership those 9 days ago. I used to have rank of Hero, but as most of you know or I have been told, you can't add a profile that was offline to a profile that is online. So, right now I have rank of warrant officer. I noticed more I play matchmaking, ;points are harder to get when playing, then when I first started.

Someone said that you can custom challenges and get like 200,000 points a day. If so, how do you do that, or is there another easier way to get points online through yur profile and your computer?

Appreciate what anyone can tell me. When I had Hero rank, hehe, I could play and not die as easily and run circles around my nephew who is 11. Now that I have lesser rank than he does, I have warrant officer rank 1, he has warrant officer rank 2 but his is still offline rank, so he basically uses my online profile to play.

As having a gold membership, does that also allow you to play co-op with 2 people. Say when I sign in, can I add him to another profile, that way we both can play online in co-op games or matchmaking online. Or do I have to pay for him a membership.

thanks joe


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Yeah, as you reach the higher ranks you start to gain more credits per game. Score Attack, specifically Gruntpocalypse will let your commendations spike an earn you a good amount of credits.

Once you get the higher ranks its all about the challenges. They add up over time. They are also good for low ranks but I would recommend Gruntpocalypse. You can create custom challenges online, but they make be tricky to acquire if you aren't good at the game.

Commendations and Challenges should be your priority. Also, if you play full length matches you will eventually get bonuses. Jackpot weekend allows you the chance to get a HUGE payout in a certain playlist. Personally I find them hard to get. This is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When you sign in it will tell you what playlist offers it.

At really high ranks its all about dedication, ex me. I'm an Inheritor... as you can assume I'm unemployed :P

If you have any questions feel free to message me!

~ Fortified Brad

thanks buddy, appreciate that, hoping you get a job that you like

Big Team Battle, Invasion and Firefight tend to have the best payouts for online play.  The higher your rank, the more money you make playing.  Doing the daily challenges is a good way to earn bonus credits.  Playing for the jackpot in whatever playlist it's running in requires you to not quit any matches, not just matches in that specified playlists.  

If you are lower than general, play a lot of grifball and gruntpocalypse;

If you are higher than general, play BTB, Invasion, but no firefight (after a while firefight gives only 4000cR...)


Once you get into the real high ranks, the challenges are not really worth it unless it's a weekly with a decent payout.

As others have said, playlists with longer games such as BTB,Anniversary BTB,Invasion and Firefight pay out better.

Team Objective also pays a little more if you win the game.

Every weekend, a playlist will have a jackpot (usually somewhere between 20k and 35k), look for the popup in game.

Basically i think everyone has already said but yes the easiest way for me to rank up is big team, firefight , the challenges and the super jackpots. The only thing about the jackpots is you need to be consistent in matches to be awarded the jackpot. Best to play these when it's a mode you are good at and enjoy.

where do you find super jackpots to get those points?  Or how?

When you first start up Halo, there's a title screen that says "Super Jackpot"  and in the small print it'll say which playlist is running it.  Play in that playlist for your chance to win.  Don't quit games and hope you don't lag out because everytime you do, it reduces you chances to win.  People that quit regularly have no chance at all.

OK I have another stupid question about credits!  Why don't 343 Industries offer weekends like Call of Duty where you can earn double points etc during play?  I am aware of the "Super Jackpots" but they are not the easiest things to get.  I don't think I have ever received one of these jackpots

It just seems easier to offer double credits.  It just seems strange to me that they never offer these.  And information on this would be really appreciated.

There are certain gameypes you can play that if you win you get double the credits normally earned. I believe this is Super Slayer, Objective and Arena. If I'm not correct someone else will inform you correctly

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