whats the best level

To play this game on so that its fun but doesnt **** you off but still gives u a gd game, just started on experienced but was unsure beteen that and normal. <br><br>Cheers well thats if anyone sees this seeing as alot of these new forums are dead :)


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Not enough good things can be said about this game. It's one of those rare kinds you can pick up even after beating it and still have fun playing. What I find myself fooling around with more, and only having done successfully once, is flying aircraft, jumping out, and trying to reach the same aircraft and enter once more. Now when I say I did it successfully I mean all I was able to do was dive towards the aircraft, and grapple onto before it hit land.

When I first played it I went through on Normal and found that was okay for me.  I found it offered a challenge, but it wasn't hard enough to where you would rage at it.  At the same time though, you can still have time to mess around and not worry too much about getting killed.

What really irked me about it, even being on normal, was the larger amounts of enemies that would come after you and they are all bullet sponges.

i still find myself enjoying the game even after i have the main storyline beaten. my all time favorite tho, was the one with the bomb that was attached to the bottom of the mile high club.

Upgrade your weapons and the enemies are no longer bullet sponges.  Not many enemies my fully upgraded shotgun can't take out with one shot to the face.  :)

they need to make the dlc a little better, its awesome as is but i still use my upgraded regular guns cause they are better. whats the point of buying dlc when the reg stuff is better. plus the parachute thrusters dont carry over if you have to save and quit. i understand loosing them when you die.

i personally happen to like my hovercraft!

the hovercraft is awesome i agree