What's the Best AR with an ACOG?

Well as everyone who's downloaded the new maps knows, they're pretty big.

I don't usually run with a sniper rifle and my **** Rifles either have a RDS or reflex sight equiped.

I tried out the ACOG on a few guns last night and did pretty well with it equpent on the AUG.

What's your best AR ACOG setup?



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M16 with the acog is easily the best.

M16 is the only AR that benefits from it.

^These people speak the truth.


Edit: I choose to go with either a Commando or Galil so I can limit my shots down to one and spray if needed.

Yeah the M16

As every one else said, the m16. 2 bursts in core and 1 in hardcore usually does the job and its extremely accurate.

Never tried it on he aug, but most other ar's it seems that it adds recoil.

M16 and the Fal also use warlord with both and add the silencer

g11 low power scope  is pretty give if you consider that ACOG

My opinion I think the aug is good with ACOG because to me its easy to use but people here also say the M16 is good but I haven't tried it my self so i say try it and see what one you like the best.

I have been ruining people with the commando and ACOG lately...

M14, because I can quickscope with it.