Whats occupying you lately?

Pretty much explained in the title haha what games media ect, have you been occupied with lately?

As for me ive been playing a whole lot of Batman after getting that two pack last week haha. Loads of fun.

I have have to go in for my surgery Wednesday :( having all 4 wisdom teeth cut out, so I probably wont be doing much the following few days except for gaming and watching movies heh. Oh well I think the only thing im really nervous about is the IV though D: Those things petrify me >.< never had one before but I hate shots. I have piercings and stuff but needles just freak me the hell out.

On the bright side though Zombie Apocalypse 2 is out that wednesday :D


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Stuff. Along with some other stuff, and some more stuff..

No, but seriously.. Skyrim. I recently got Minecraft too (turned to the Darkside) and I've been playing BF3, kinda.

SKYRIM(Why is there sooo much to do in this game), AC Revelations , and continuing my Hard play through of Catherine. Which had led to many angry deaths.

Skyrim and when I have time Halo CEA and sometimes Skyrim, and on quiet nights at work I also play a little Skyrim just to break things up. And tomorrow I might try something different and play a little skyrim.

MW3, NBA Jam (retail), FIFA 12 & Super Mario RPG (wii vc)

Been knee deep in on the action with Apache: Air Assault. Such an awesome, and underrated game! One of the best titles in the simulation genre, on a console, to date! Only just completed all of the achievements on it as well, and while I was at it, I had a blast!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Skyrim is keeping me busy which is good because I tore my MCL so I'm out of work for a while because of it. I'll get my wife to get me WWE 12 soon to give me a break here and there from Skyrim.


Been playing MW3 , Battlefield 3,  Saints Row the Third, and a indie game called Castleminer lol pretty fun.

But i still have games i havent played yet.

Batman AC and AA, Skyrim, Halo CE , and Revalations.

Hard to choose which to play...

lol I know this thread is about a month old but I hope you surgery went fine. As for me.. I haven't really been playing games in passed few days being busy & all. I was thinking of jumping on MW3 right now but eh, I cant be bothered at the moment, plus my usual buds aren't online at this time of night, during the week. I've been thinking of finally getting the Gears of War games though.

I started play DCUO and to be honest it's not bad at all, i've been up until 4 am just completing quests and exploring the city.

I am going to contest my ban and get a damn apology from the Moderator who carelessly handed it out.

That's what's occupying me right now.

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