Whats in the MW 3 trailer?

So, I keep seeing people post about how excited they are for this game because the trailer looks so awesome.  That the trailer looks like this is going to be GotY material, yet all the trailer was, was scripted events.  It probably had 10 seconds of actual gameplay material (guy catching ammo, driving a boat, and a car passenger), about another 30 seconds worth of scripted explosions, and another 30 seconds worth of scripted destruction with the last 20 seconds showing off player models.  What exactly was in that trailer that is making everybody cream their pants over MW 3?


I mean, I never got this excited over the very first BF 3 trailer that showed off only a few things.  Sure I thought that the first BF 3 trailer looked good, and showed off some nice things, but I wasnt jumping up in the air screaming its going to be GotY material just then, or creaming my pants over it.  It wasnt until I actually saw gameplay for BF 3 did I really start getting excited about it.  But I mean really, is explosions, and destruction honestly enough for all of you to get excited over for?


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Its what the kids like. Lots of big explosions and guns that go pew pew pew pew.