What's your top 5 XBLA games ?

Looking to get a few XBLA games in the near future. Any suggestions ?

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Most people seem to love Castle Crashers, Minecraft, or Shadow Complex, but for me, the top 5 would be:


1. Terraria, a Minecraft/platformer hybrid, may not look like much, but I've sunk a crazy amount of time into it.  

2. Outland, my fave modern platformer, awesome style and sound.

3. Clash of Heroes, a puzzle/RPG/strategy hybrid with a fairly long campaign.

4. Bastion, which is a fun stylized action RPG

5. Puzzle Quest, just how it sounds, the game I fall back on if I only have a short time to play.

Here's my top 5. :3

1. Minecraft, I've played it since alpha on PC, of course it's gonna be number one.

2. Castle Crashers, I sure as Hell enjoyed this the first time 'round~

3. Gotham City Imposters, very enjoyable FPS, for myself anyway, none of my friends like it. >.<

4. Trials Evolution.

5. 'Splosion Man, awesome puzzle platformer, reminds me a lil' of N+ but has no comparison at all.

Good day from me~


Hello "OhhMan2487"  :)


I don't have 5 games but here is what I would recommend...


(1)  Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes  --  I love this game


(2)  X-Men: Arcade Game  --  This game is fun


(3)  The Simpsons: Arcade Game  --  This game is fun


Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! So far I decided to check out Trials Evolution. Played about an hour of it yesterday. Pretty cool game so far.

1. terraria

2.state of decay

3.castle crashers

4.phantom breaker ( anime 2D )


1. Minecraft

2. Brothers: A tale of two sons

3. Aegis Wing? (If you like those type of old arcade games, of course)

4. Trials Evolution

5. Fruit Ninja (If you have a kinect)


2. Battlefield 1943.

3. Trials HD.

4. Happy Wars.

5. Aegis Wing.

  • Minecraft
  • Castle Crashers
  • State of Decay
  • Trials Evolution / HD
  • Happy Wars
Happy wars is actually a great game, it's enjoyable and funny + the multiplayer is top notch whenever it isn't lagging. Although I will emphasize on the fact that the game can sometimes be a pain with the "Pay to win". Players do spend money on buying little packs to get better gear, but you don't need to. I had fun for the first few weeks on it without spending any cash and did quite well on it too. Can't lie though, gave into temptation and bought a few of those packs just to have some better looking gear. Try it out if you haven't already though.

Yeah, I actually have that game. I really enjoy it. When I have played enough arcade games to make a top 5 list, Happy Wars will definitely be on there.

Seeing a lot of Minecraft on people's lists. What makes this Minecraft game so good ? Everything in the game is literally made up of blocks o_O. Just wondering what about the game makes it sooo good ?

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