What's your biggest regret.............

...........when rage quitting? I once saw this video of this guy playing RockBand and he threw the guitar thru his TV. Tragic but funny. Could be this game. Could be another. Maybe you kicked your dog. Maybe you snapped a controller in half. My glorious moment happend a while back. Playing NBA Live on the Sega Genesis with my brother and he kept dumpin 3's and taunting me. I remember punching the wall, hitting a stud and breaking my hand. The Dr. laughed and my parents were pissed. What's yours?

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Selling my 360 four months ago. I paid for elite service also so yeah slap me on the back of my head... again.

  Lol ... I dont rage often. I usually just cuss a bit and go do something else.

 But a couple weeks ago I was pretty mad about something else going on in my house, and I just kept playing while it was going on. But I kept getting spwan killed and at one point when my in-home issue was at its worst I spawned and died instantly. I  threw my controller ....... no biggee, I need a new one anyhow, but then I took off my tbx31s and threw them too.

   They still work ....... but are now held together with tie wire and tape. the battery contacts keep slipping out of place, but they actually fit my head better.

  the instant I threw them I was sick ...... i'm a cheap *ss and probably wouldnt buy another pair for some time, but I've gotten so used to them that I can hardly play without them.

lol......right on OLDMAN. I was 14 when that happened. 36 now. I've grown up alot since then. Although I'm sure my wife would disagree   :)  Was playing Blops sticks and stones with my brother the other night and I kept stickin him with the crossbow like a boss. The game ends suddenly and I called him. Told me he threw his (wired) controller across the room and pulled the PS3 off the table. I had my revenge but my hand still gives me problems to this day. You live. You learn.