What's your best game/most kills so far?

The other night I was playing attrition and was going off.  In 3 games I was like 42-0, 93-2. 46-0.  The most impressive to me was the 93-2.

15 pilot kills

3 titan kills 

75 minion kills!! lol

2 deaths

Mind you this was attrition.  I was literally killing as fast as I could reload. 


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I had a real doozy of a game on Hardpoint last night.

Pilot Kills: 12

Titan Kills: 5

Minion Kills: 9

Deaths: 5

Assault Points: 1200+

Defence Points: 1600+

Was well pleased with that. I don't normally have the highest score on my team, let alone in the entire lobby.

In general it was just a great night. I got my Headsnapper achievement, my 50 campaign matches achievement, and both my Elite IMC and Elite Militia achievements. Was on fire! Now I'm helping my friends get them. Love this game!

I got 4500 defense score earlier tonight. Pretty much defended B on that dinosaur level with two unlimited satchel cards and one unlimited mine card. Can't remember the exact numbers but it was so etching like 14 pilot kills, 2 deaths and the aforementioned 4500 defense. Easily my highest defenses score. I got 2500 defense on another map, but that dinosaur map at hard point B is the easiest to defend. You can see both entrances from up on the steel grate behind B.

*something, not so etching.

Btw, LOVE the satchels/C4 in this game. Definitely a reflex at this point, and pretty satisfying.

Hows the spawn killing? I noticed, even in the beta, that teams spawn in and rush the other teams spawn and kill AIs alot. On topic, I dont have the game yet, but I had a good game in the beta. I got several early kills and almost immediately had a Titan. I survied the whole game til the end in that original Titan. Forgot the KD stuff though. Somehow I lasted along time in the first Titan.

Hmmm I think my best was...

13 pilot kills

3 Titan kills

15/16 Minion kills

1 Death.

I can't remember the map by name but it was Attrition Mode. Wish I could have recorded the whole gameplay. Usually I only get 8-10 pilot kills.

23 Pilots

5 Titans

4 Minions

1 Death

R-101C and Arc Grenades (Shock Rocks Burn Card)

1 more of my 85 games as MVP

Unlike aspendora I did mine without camping in hardpoint Dom I actually did run and gun in attrition

I don't remember the full stats, but i know it had over 20 pilot kills and had 10 titan kills.

[quote user="LOG HeadHunterX"]1 more of my 85 games as MVP[/quote]

Meaningless stat unless you're also going to tell us how many total games you've played.

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