What's with the Illuminati References?

Surely those who have played Rage have come across the weird markings on various walls in the game. The Illuminati "Eye" is everywhere. What do you think the developers' intentions were?


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I actually haven't paid any attention and I've played through the campaign twice do far. I will definitely look for it on my Nightmare playthrough, that's kind of funny though

There is one area that you a mission sends you to, and drawings are scattered all over the place with multiple "Eyes". I wish I could remember which area. I'll go look at my saves later, and post where it's at when I get a chance. Of course it isn't limited to just one place because I've seen it elsewhere too. Weird stuff.

Ok definitely let me know so I can be sure to check it out. I remember writings and stuff but nothing particular.

Obviously their intentions were to instill the illimunati presence in your subconscious through the symbolism of the all-seeing eye, duh. Hey, check out my gamer pic... wtf lololol illuminati is everywhurr!!!!!!

^^ LOL