What's up with the riddles?

     I've had my initial meeting with the Riddler and saved the hostage in the church but is seems that some riddles do not appear on screen when they should.  I just solved a riddle in the museum that hadn't appeared(2nd time i've done this).  Is this an in-game flaw, has anyone else experienced this?


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I don't know if what you are experiencing is an in-game flaw, but I can tell you, that if you miss a riddle that appears on screen, you can easy hit the start button and press the right bumper button (RB) until you get to the "Riddles" screen (it's the question mark icon).  Once there, you can use the right trigger (RT) and left trigger (LT) buttons to scroll to the area where you are currently at (or the area you want to see the riddles and challenges for).  The riddle challenges are annotated with the "[  ]" symbol.


Hope this helps you out.



As you go through the game, when you beat up and interrogate the thugs that appear in green on your detective vision, each one adds some of the Riddler challenges to your map. Even if it hasn't shown up on your map yet the riddles are still there and you can solve them if you stumble across one.