What's the max rank I can reach in Forza 5?

I'm a level 73 now and I was just curious what the max rank is in Forza 5 ? and do I get anything special if I reach the max rank?


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I'm not sure anyone knows.

Many players have already passed the 999-level threshold so I think the next marker is level 9,999. It will be interesting to see if anyone get's that high and what happens at that point.

I'm assuming they fixed the glitch from FM4 that resets your level to 1 after you pass level 255?  Not sure exactly what the details were...I still haven't quite made it that high, though I well may, once I finally get around to finishing all the races in however many years' time that it takes me.

That glitch was present when the game was released in November. Turn10 released a patch in December that fixed this and the level doesn't reset now.

I am at level 349 currently and still gaining levels so who knows.