What's the highest version of a weapon you've unlocked in coop?

I must have had a real stroke of luck a few weeks back when a Mantis X sniper rifle came out of a pack (it actually gave me the cheevo for having a X weapon).  I never seem to see very many mark X weps in play, so I figured they were rare.  What's the best draw you've snagged?

For the record, the Mantis X is tailor made for use with the Asari Adept.  Low weight means your powers don't take a hit, and high damage (nearly max with upgraded barrel) works incredibly well if you upgrade Stasis to take advantage of the perk that makes enemies in stasis extra vulnerable to damage. 


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I had the Mantis X within a day of playing ME3.   In fact it went from 2 to 3 all the way up all in recruit packs.  I also had an SMG level all the way up to X within the first day or 2.  So grand total I think I have maybe 4 or 5 weapons that are level 10.  

same I have all my assault rifles minus the saber cuz Bio ware hates me...to X class-

Only one.

Katana X.

Most of the default weapons are quite close though;  Avenger VII, Mantis VII, Shuriken VII.  Can't seem to get a Predator IV though, I only have it to III.

Highest non-default weapon I have is the Incisor IV.

All the basic weapons level 10, Mantis/Katana/Shuriken/whatever AR that is.

I would really like it if I could start upgrading the Black Widow.  All I ever get from Spectre packs is training for characters that are already maxed out.  Despite the fact that I still have 3 characters not unlocked.

Highest non default I have is a couple of 4's and the Claymore V

I mostly use assault rifles so the Revanat IV and geth Pulse Rifle III are my main weapons

My Krogan guys alternate and my others use the Geth Pulse Rifle which gets very light fast and has great accuracy

SO I finally busted into my piggy bank an broke down an actually bought some points, are these credits easy to make? Ive only played like three matches an I have already unlocked a veterans package an the first introductory one? anyway last nite I finally got some medi gel 3, or should I just buy them, they sound like they have random items inside each package?

lol...I guess my luck isn't that great after all.  I've only seen the one X weapon.  Have to buy more packs I guess. 

@FueldRockets...if you buy Spectre packs, there's usually a stack of medigel and/or rockets & ops packs.  And sometimes they offer special equipment packs that are loaded.

Mantis VI, the rest of the 'basic' weapons are II and III.


I don't really buy recruit packs, I just save up for Spectre packs as I'm trying to upgrade my Geth Plasma shotgun but after about 20 packs it's still at level I. All I seem to get are character upgrades, level resets or weapon mods.


Been thinking about just buying 3 Veteran packs instead.

I just realized I had the Mantis X last night.  Its still a useless gun.

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