What's the delay?

What is taking so long for Fallout 3 to be backward compatible? I don't see the logic in waiting til November to make it available, considering Fallout 4 will be out. C'MON XBOX, this is one of the best games ever made, it should've been in the initial batch of BC games for us preview members. Instead we get Keflings and Banjo kazooie?!?!?!? Guys, this is ridiculous. We're into september already and still no Fallout 3. Unexcusable.


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I agree. I'm mad that it isn't out yet for Xbox one. Smh....

You'd think Xbox would have used a little bit of common sense on this one. Fallout 3 beats out every other single lame BC game they have available right now.

I can just hear the board meeting: "Hey guys, even though we all know that nobody gives a crap about keflings or banjo kazooie, we'll make an entire list of crappy games to play and make it look like we're listening to what our customers want. I mean, it makes perfect sense for Fallout 3 to become BC the day Fallout 4 comes out because nobody will play 4 with 3 available.  

Get your heads outta your *** (Phil Spencer) and put Fallout 3 on the list last week already.

The games that are out on BC now are ones that have features that they felt might give issues and wanted to test, or in the case of others, merely on there because they were part of Rare Replay, which is making all those 360 (and earlier) titles BC. They likely already had a similar game out, and there is no need to release Fallout 3 simply because it's available. BC isn't slated for release till November, why should one game be released early simp0ly because people want it? If that's the case, I want Mass Effect 2 and 3 to be available now, and they aren't even slated for the initial release. Fallout 3 is.

i was hoping to have played through the game on xbox one before fallouts release

What purpose would it serve?  There are only a handful of beta testers (preview program members).  It will become available to play once the BC compatible update drops in November.  [tag:Patience]

What's the use of letting us play Fallout 3 in November when 4 will be out. I'm a preview member and should be able to play it NOW!!!!!

^^  You can.   [tag:Xbox360]