What's the best weapon upgrade to go for?

Title says it all. 

What is the best upgrade to go for in terms of damage?


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That'll depend on your build.  If you're going to max out the dex/str scaling, go with regular +15.  If you're going to have high int or faith, enchanted or divine/occult can be a good choice.  It really depends on what type of character you have.

^ This. Also, if you're going to buff weapons, the +15 route is the best. If you are going with a vitality build, an elemental weapon is best.

I mainly run a strength build myself. Thanks you two for your advice.

For a STR build, you probably want to stop at around 40 strength, because you'll get much lower returns on your point investment after that.

For weapons to use, the Large / Great Club, Man-serpent Greatsword, and Demon's Great Machete all get "A" strength ratings at +14 and +15, and make excellent weapons for 2-handed smashing everything. If you have high FTH as well, The Grant is also a great weapon for a high-STR build.

I whould surgest the Gravelord sword unless youre planning for a very high slv.It has a high base damedge,and a two-handed strong-attack that leave most players toxic.It doesent scale very good though with STR,or DEX,but is great as long as youre slv is lower than 100 or so,and you can put you leveling into other areas

Depending on your level, you may want to simply level up your str to the level you need to use the weapon and then go with an elemental path.  It won't do as much damage as the regular upgrade path with 40 str, but it would allow you to put those points into endurance and/or vitality instead.