what's going on with clan ops

Does ant one know why there is no up coming clan ops


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heard its being done on the weekend to make them easier for all territories and international clans to enlist...

They kind of go through cycles. About 2 weeks ago they put up about 5 or 6 clan ops but they have let it run down to none. I assume in a few days we will see more avaialble.

I did the very first Clan Ops, but haven't done any since. They're way too inconsistent with putting them up, AND the game's getting bland.

I talk to a guy on xbox lastnight and was told. It was stopped due to boosting. Try are trying to find a way to keep one clan from playing on both teams and boosting not sure if that's true, but would be great if that's true. Would be nice for call op to be fair.

That is not the reason. If it was then the lone wolf ops would have stopped too. Either way, people will boost no matter what they do.

Clan ops? What ever happened to CLAN CHALLENGES??? or are we just gonna ignore that broken promise too?

clan ops are clan challenges just faster to type ops. ok we got the hardcore team death match. We did the op and no xp and then it fanished from the lists and they said something had gone wrong and every clan would just 500 xp, and we would redo the whole thing. only I still don't see anything on the lists. and if there on the weekend only that's fine and all, but why are the lists empty. It show no clan challenges even coming up....

My clan got gold but it didnt count for us....we would be 19 almost 20 or 20 almost 21.

I just don't get what the trouble is no one said what happened and they say clan ops will be on the weekend now, but why is the list empty all the time. there was just one op this weekend. Just one a week will suck too. I just want to know what is going on