What you know about DBZ for (People who watched it growing up)

Did you know that vageta never got SSj3

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Yeh verybody knows that

he did in gt wit bulmas help

@young206money21.... he didn't, he turned SSJ 4 with bulma's help and skipped SSJ 3, btw, i know a lot of DBZ, really a lot, you can ask me whatever you want, i can answer to you (:

Lol yeah also he never went SSJ4 like Goku, Vegeta forced himself too. However i didn't really like DB GT. The end was stupid.

Yeah This Game Is Just Refined A Little Bit, So After A Week Of Play It Will Be Boring Again, I Do Own The DB, DBZ AND DBGT Series So Might Just Watch Those All Over Again

hey @ClutchCEO..... do you have the OVA? DBZ Gaiden? :D.... i'd like to have all the series, but i don't, i do have all the movies

Yea He Skipped 3 and went to four. lol Its funny I used to have a running joke that He skipped 3 and Goku skipped 2.

that was 4, not 3

Goku didnt skip 2 though, he showed super saiyan 2 to Fat Majin Buu