What would you prefer? Air to Air or Air to ground?

Just watched some vids, and i have to say, Air to ground combat looks so much better then dogfights. Not only because its more action (so it seems)..


But the Warthog is such a sexy machine.


Can't wait to fire its Gau-8 Avenger 30mm Cannon on tanks, infantrie, and buildings. :D




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All of the above!!

I'm looking forward to ground to air combat.

Ground to ground.

I'm just gonna be completely honest here...I will be one of those people waiting at the A-10 spawn points. I look forward to all things air combat related, but I love the A-10. I used to go swimming and kayaking at this lake in south Jersey, and once in a while we could see the A-10's doing runs off in the distance...it was pretty crazy...

Ground to ground, driving tanks is my thing. Although foot combat is also a lot of fun.