What would you like from the Books/ Comics to be in the Games **Spoilers - for novels**

For those who have read the books or comics, you get to see a lot more of the world of Sera that what has been in the games.  We know Sam Burn, Bernie Mataki and a few others from the books have made it into Gears 3, but anyone have suggestions of what your would like to see?

My Suggestions

Multiplayer Characters:

 - Helena Stroud

- Pardrick Salton 

- Bai Tak (give him his machete)

from the Gorsani 

- Miran Trescu

- Yanik 

DLC( guessing it is not in the main campaign)

 have a campaign addition to go and defend Gorsani defending is from a Stalk or Locast incursion.


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I'd like the Gorsani and Padrick too (I think they didn't put them in because their armor is a different color then the res of the COG players.) And all of the character that fight with them or are mentioned Alex, Gil Gonzalez, Micheal Barrick, Rossi Michealson, Matheson, Gettner, Barber and maybe Sam's dad.

I wonder if they put in Mathieson he would have the prosthetic legs Baird and the Gorsani made for him?  

I think Barrick will be in either the main game or most likely DLC, Cliff alluded to the fact the addition to the campaign are in the works, and will be based on different stories on Sera. Which give me hope that is the direction they will take.  Also he was the main character for the Season pass image and he has a voice actor listed in IMDB under Gears of War 3.  None of that is a confirmation but it is likely he will be included down the road.  I never really cared for Alex Brand, but Gettner would be cool, and Harper.

I can't belive that no one as said they want "boomer lady" Bernie Mataki in the game

That is because she is already confirmed to be in the game, so no need to wish for it.

That is awesome I had not heard that