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Ok, I'm in a dilemma. I've pre-ordered Gears of War 3 at my local gamestop ( 5 minutes away from me ) like I've always done to other games I've pre-ordered. I was recently informed that a gamestop store in Manhattan, NY around 34th street Herald square will be having an event for their Gears of War 3 midnight launch. I live about 40-60 minutes away from this store. In the event they will be having free soda, pizza and a tournament in which the 1st prize is a $75 gift card and the 2nd place prize is a $50 gift card. There will be no 3rd place prize. I'm a fairly beastly Gears of War player and easily feel that I can win this tournament. I easily won the Halo: Reach tournament at my local gamestop during it's launch, but there was no prize. It was just a time killer.

Knowing that you're an above average player would you go way out of your area to pickup Gears of War 3 because you'll be getting free food and a chance to win something or would you just go your local store, pickup Gears of War 3 and be home within 5 minutes?


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get dat $$$

what GunnmWolf said.

btw Wolf, I played in a ranked match with you this summer, just randomly.

Gears 3 is a totally different game from Gears 2.  So you might be a beast at Gears 2 but that doesn't mean you will be in 3!

Dude I would. If I felt that i was THAT good at something and there was a chance that I could win something I would. DO IT!!!

[quote user="ClevelandFan"]

what GunnmWolf said.

btw Wolf, I played in a ranked match with you this summer, just randomly.

[/quote]Were you impressed with my wallbouncing and noscope snipe skills? 

i can honestly say i dont remember lol.

@OP- give it a shot, why the h3ll not!?

I was a beast in the Beta too. I decided not to go because I want to get home as fast as possible after I pick up Gears 3.

I would definitely go a little bit outta my way for that. If my Gamestop had a tourney  there's no way I would miss it. I already live 30 minutes away from gamestop anyway tho.

I'd go.