What would you compare this game to?

The game appeals to me but i still need some convincing.


I always loved the Onimusha series, what is it like compared to that?


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Less tank like controls than Onimusha....think or God Of War's.......sloppy seconds. It's solid but rough around a lot of edges(pacing,combat). Nice music though.

Ah, so not too great overall then then?

I think it's still worth a try but i don't want to expect too much.

Brilliant game, its better than GoW3 for me.  Reminds me abit of Uncharted 2 aswell.

Dantes Inferno is the best game to compare this one too

It feels a little big like God of War,but a much better story imo.

Yes, feels like God of War, but I liked the story and maps more in this one. Combat - God of War wins. :p

Its God of War/Dante's Inferno, straight up.

the good? alot of variety. the world map is huge. combat is fluid & responsive. monsters are well rendered & the travel book is well illustrated & detailed. the "castle" section being my favorite.


now the not so good.


the story is a bit convoluted, & imo has no relation to any previous castlevania storylines, even though some have tried to tie it into others. it merely borrows names & other themes from previous CV games.


besides the obvious lacking fixed camera issues, the biggest turn off, for me, are the challenges.


I recommend you skip each on your initial playthrough, then go back (after you complete the game) & are better suited to deal with some of the very specific tasks these challenges require.


in other words, its going to be a pain to platinum it otherwise.


there are the GoW references. I would also agree with the dantes inferno reference, mainly because of the similar camera restrictions.


I do think its more epic then these games combined though, because of the super huge boss monsters & my love of the lore & universe of the subject material; even if its not entirely related to the originals.