What will you do?

When the game releases what will you do first? Which mode will you play the most? (Campaign/MP/Horde/Beast)


I'm a pretty straightforward gamer so I'm going to do Campaign first and then later jump onto the other modes. Horde and Beast mode are looking pretty great with the Tower-Defense look. I cannot wait to fight a Brumak. MP also looks and feels great, and I'm sure there may be minor issues at release, but nothing major.


So are the Tickers stronger in this game? Looking at Beast mode videos it seems just one explosion is a kill. In Gears 2 it only stunned.


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I'll be playing through the campaign first as well. That's usually the first action i take in new games. Afterwards, i will do a few standard MP matches before moving on to Beast Mode, then Horde mode will follow.

No idea about the tickers.

campaign first. Tickers could kill u on insane don't know about hardcore. I think the Tickers are stronger only for Beast Mode and probably the same thing for insane

Yeah it must just be a difficulty thing (I believe it was on Casual in the gameplay videos).

i will enter all 4 of my Character codes

Jump to online

go str8 to Execution If i am horde i will pick the sweet lookn Elite Grenadier and if COD Epic Mecha Baird of course >:) and start tea bagn all the Anyas >:)

better just all the players i down and dont body with my sexy Gold and Flamer Gnasher >:) hehe

IMO Beast Mode and Horde is so boring... who wants to play NPC's all day where is the fun and advantage in that?   thought Epic would be smart enough to put it as PvP... but instead they make a DBS Lol..   bet they will hire me in a heart beat if not just goin to bring this gameplay to PS3 and make it how it should be played hehe i can taste the Hardcore Gamer $$$  >:)

transfer all my memory to the gears console!! then the license!!

then campaign time!!

and prob make some pancakes!!! depends on what im in the mood for!!

Just like with any co-op game, I ALWAYS play through the co-op campaign immediately. Because if you jump into multiplayer, beast, or horde mode, someone will probably spoil the story.  So I just finish the campaign first.  

I will probably play through multiple times with several friends, then try the other modes.  

do as normal...finish the game then HORDE! :)

1st- Campaign

2nd- Beast Mode

3rd- Horde Mode 2.0

4th- MP VS

Agreed. When gears 2 came out I jumped first into Horde and people were already spoiling the campaign. I definitely won't rush the campaign. I do like to explore and look for every little thing.

Horde then Multiplayer. I dislike all campaigns of any game so I will skip it.

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