What Weapons And Vehicles Would You All Like To See Return?

Personally, I hope they bring back the grenade launcher with more power, plasma launcher or concussion rifle, and smg.  I'm sure that other classic Halo weapons will return like the fuel rod gun and spartan laser.  For vehicles I would like to see the Hornet, Falcon, Wraith, Ghost, Banshee, Scorpion, Revenent, and every other Halo vehicle since I like them all.  So what would you all like to see return?


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splaser and mongy

Spartan Laser, Five Shot, Halo 3-style Cooldown, no side-swipe (ie One hit kill), 'Galilean'.

I can't wait to see the Forerunner weapons and vehicles. Apart from that, basically everything stated above is great. All the classic Halo weapons, and a few weapons from Reach (Grenade Launcher, Blueberry Gun aka Plasma Launcher, Plasma Repeater).

Halo 3 tripmine.

H3's Battle Rifle.

H3's Snipe.

H3's Banshee.

H2's Pistol.

H3's SMG.

H3's Mongoose.


H3's Plasma Rifle combined with Reach and Halo 2's Plasma Rifle would be good.

I'm more interested in the forerunner vehicles and weapons

H4 better have Scarabs that we can battle and get into like in H3.  If 343 wanted to do something really awesome they should let us actualy take over the Scarab!  Now that would be amazing, but unlikely to happen.  

I hope we get an extremely advance Forge World. Imagine what the community do if they let us have very limited amounts of things like Phantoms or Pelicans in Forge? Especially if they were operable? Custom games would be SO successful. Just think, picking up troops in a Pelican to start an Invasion gametype, flying them from your base to the enemy base. Although unlikely, that would be one of the best additions to customs ever.

or a scarab and make it work like that AT-AT on star wars battlefront where enemy troops could spawn from the ship, it was like a moving base, kinda like the elephant on H3 but bigger and people could actually spawn inside the moving base, imagine a CTF game there, only way up is either flying vehicles, jet-packs or man-cannons


and noble your idea for invasion with a pelican and phantoms would be cool but I think the maps would have to be bigger then, like the ones on Battlefield 3

A BR that doesn't look retarded or like crap. :3

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