What weapon's to use.

What weapons are the best in your oppinions?


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Depends on the playstyle really. Same with Strike packages. Use whats best for YOU. Try everything.

i prefer the ACR and G36 not the most damaging guns but i prefer them.

I'm doing best w/ the Scar-H so far.  But I've only been playing for 3 hrs and have a lot left to unlock.  

I'm better (still not very good, though) with the M4, but I'm really starting to enjoy the L86;  it suits me.

I like the m4 red dot and also the type 95  secondary has gotta be akimbo fmg9s they are lethal

I love the CM901 and the Scar-L. Oh and can't forget about the UMP45, which I also looooooove.