What we want to see in Saints The Third! Lets make this a popular one people and maybe they will listen to us the consumers!!!

ALRIGHT LET'S BEGIN! First off I know this won't be in the game on launch date but let's see a modding tool. so we can create our own clothes, weapons, missions, etc. then make a user content store like what infamous2 did. I can say for a fact that people would pay 30 dollars for a dlc like this perhaps more. Second DLC should focus on adding new weapons, clothes, cheats, vehicles, missions. Third DLC should be focused on fun! add crazy stuff like super powers, like flying, laser vision, slow time. They say they want this game to just be crazy fun! well give us what we want and we will be playing this till Saints 4! and thats a fact. NOW to all the user's reading this let's make this popular and maybe we can get the developers attention. So let's hear your crazy ideas and maybe we can make your saints dream DLC real when this game hit's store selves!!!!!  I focused on DLC but let's tell them everything we want in this game after all we are the ones paying 60 dollars for this game!!!!


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I like the making custom clothing idea.  Like having more decals and being able to add more than one to an item.  The custom modding tool probably will not happen especially for the consoles.  I just want more fun activities..I have been playing SR2 a lot lately, taking my time to really check out the sites.  They have so many diverse areas that look great yet we never really get to appreciate them because there is nothing to do in them.  Like th Marina for example..Its beautfiul with a beach, Casino's etc..yet all you can do is play slot poker and black jack.  A beach type game would of been nice..and maybe the ability to site down in chairs would be cool too.  I dunno just make all of these cool places worth hanging out in..The main parts of the city seem to be the only places with stuff to mess with.  I would like more activites that keep the game going.  Like at night clubs have a dance dance type game and beer pong at the univeristy bars etc.  have a live football game at the stadium..like a random type thing.etc.

That's good to hear, that means that there will be more people online to play co-op. :)

I would also like a mix of MERC's 2 / Saints Row.

Don't get me wrong, they will probably get my 60bucks no matter what.  Though, I think the game is going a little over the top.  i mean come on...  tanks, air strikes...   they got the character running around like James Bond.  It just doesn't feel like Saints Row to me.  They probably could of got away with calling the Title anything.    I just hope you could still interact with your gang, and i hope they added more to that feature. Like not only being able to customize your character, but also each member of your gang; And it would really be cool if you can select between them, so you can play multiple roles.  But i'm sure not much of this will be in there because the developer was spending all their energy shooting people out of cannons, which looks like fun, but could get old, if the game over all doesn't hold my interest.

Online Free Roam, nuff said.

Volition stated that there's not going to be any multiplayer whatsoever in Saints Row The Third DeBLAIN 02, instead focusing on Story and Co-Op. However, that's not to say that they won't make a downloadable expansion for it at a later date though.

i could say anything but yea one thing id love to see in a free roam game is some control able submarines no free roam game has ever done that before not even GTA or Just Cause im not saying there arent any in thos games just u cant control them and blow random sheet up but yea saints row the third could change that and be the first to bring submarines into free roam finally