What We Want In MW3

As a franchise, the call of duty series has been a great ride, and a lot of good fun for all of us, but what will we see in the upcoming title? It’s rumored to arrive this fall/winter for a Christmas release, and that’s exciting news.

We’re all bracing for impact; locked and loaded, and ready to engage!

Will the community be cheering the release of yet another locked down COD title or has Infinity Ward learned to adapt to what the community wants? Personally, I’ve had enough of being pushed around by locked down server and in-game console files, no decent LAN support, and the lack luster desire of pushing a title’s shelf life.

But that’s me, and that’s because I primarily do all my FPS gaming on the PC. I have an XBOX360 too and I understand where they’re heading with this new title.

Remember now, the game play, movement, weapons and story line was phenomenal  in MW2 and we observed server improvements in Black ops as well. We’d be happy to see the story progress in MW3, and hopefully they’ll take the best of both titles, progress with the blockbuster movie quality storyline of MW2, and bam, they have themselves another best selling title of all time. Again.

Hopefully Infinity is taking on this project to save the reputation they got from COD4 players worldwide upon the release of MW2, it’s sad to see the player community frown on any change whatsoever, but if you ask me, change is exactly what they need.

Will MW3 be what the PC community asks for? Probably not, but it will blow your socks off and put them back on again for you in the morning.

To be honest with you, no matter what we as PC players have come to expect in a title in the past, the days of free maps, pc ports (whatever that means) and quality 1 on 1 support are long behind us, and maybe that’s a good thing. What want to have added to the game may or may not be there, but one’s thing’s for sure, MW3 will kick you right in the face like the rest of them did, and most of us will be there to fully support the release of the upcoming prequel.

It seems our wants as PC users will be shoved aside as a bump in the road by the developers and at best, a loss of a couple thousand sales, I just hope someone in their office has a soft spot for a good old fashioned PC gaming experience.

The consumers are fed up, and they’re starting to think the development community doesn’t care about PC gamers, or that they’re simply concerned with marketing and selling the new title for max profit, which is partially understandable, but we’re been waiting for our bone for quite some time now.

I put together a little formula to help you further understand the fork in the road the industry has come to at this point and correct me if I’m wrong, but something here needs to change:

Developer wants sales.
Player anticipates ultra quality.

——————————- = Happy Developers and a cry baby teenage customer base

Developer sells Regardless
Player buys the title any way, plays for a while

Then rants about how much better he would have made the title


As a member of the competitive PC gaming community, I personally think mod tools and user generated creativity is an essential stepping stone to keep a game alive and in good competitive hands for a long time to come, and we're all interested to know why you came down so hard on modio. It was a great community.


That being said, realistically speaking, this is what developers want to steer the masses away from. New titles means new money, so perhaps they don’t want to move forward with an explosive mind blasting title and maybe they’re looking forward to releasing yet another half broken, quick fix title, not to mention stopping us in our paths as we try and mod their content.


We all know they’re capable of delivering good products and explosive entertainment, we’ve seen it in the past, and we’re all very excited for the release of MW3 None of us are about to give up on the franchise just yet, and who knows, maybe after years of pushing around the little guys, they’ll throw us a bone this time.

What we as PC users crave:

Mod tools, the ability to share and distribute server files, a good LAN support interface, and an overall better user experience what the community’s been asking for ever since the release of COD4. Sure DLC map pack content and cross-platform compatibility comes into play here, we understand that. All the competitive gaming communities simply don’t support DLC but as a PC user, I get the DLC just to have a good time regardless of what they support.

I’m sure if you go out and ask a group of dedicated COD players which is better and still competitive, they’ll tell you COD 2, 4 and maybe 7, like I would. Hopefully Infinity Ward will come together and put the best of those titles into play here, and bring spectacular results like they have in the past.

We’ve touched base with what I believe the community thinks of the series so far, and as an avid daily gamer with ties to the actual customer base itself, I can report to you that players are already buzzing and speculating about this title. Let’s just hope this time it’s actually “For the Players by the Players.”

What We All Want to See:

1)  Take what Treyarch thinks is so cool and spin it around on them like a punch to the face, “SinglePlayer – Free with every copy of MW3.” Let’s be honest guys, single player is outstanding but people love COD because we play with friends, have a good time, and could care less about the single player experience after the first week.

We’re all here for what the multiplayer has to offer. CO-OP, SnD, BareBones, TDM GroundWar and all that good content. If you improve those, people will love you for a long, long time to come.

Let The Story Progress in full force as it was in MW2, we loved the adult feel you brought to the table in MW2, but reserve space to improve the multiplayer.

Bring Co-op Back from MW2; add more missions and 4 player support, zombies is fun, but not as good as co-op was on Mw2. I played Overwatch 1000 times over just because it was so good.

4)   Fully Customizable Guns

That was a good idea, and whoever brought that to the table deserves a cookie, promotion and a seat on the board. We as players love it, just remember the following when developing your next player customization interface,

“This is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine.”

A camo/gun shop where you can buy, paint and fully customize your gun the way you want it would be a great addition as well. Everyone and I mean everyone loves their own load outs; we want you to take customization to a new level and surprise us.

Anything else you want to add to this title would be greatly received, but stick to the core multiplayer experience this time, make it better, and we’ll all be happy campers.



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This isn't the Steam forums you know......and how do you know what EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON.THAT.WANTS.THIS.GAME.WILL.WANT?

Please don't troll post on my threads little boy, you insult my intelligence.

I wasn't trolling.I was asking why are you talking about pc players on the xbox forums and how do you somehow know what everyone in the entire world that will get this game wants?And being cocky isn't intelligent.

I'm talking about MW3, regardless of the platform. I have a PC, XBOX 360. PS3 a Wii. How do I know.... Because I just do.

I've talked to a lot of people since the release of  the original Call of Duty back in 2003, played every title and talked to thousands upon thousands of enthusiasts since the release of COD. The franchise itself has come a long way. It probably all started sometime before you learned to talk and walk so i guess i shouldn't expect you to understand.

I've reached a general consensus on what people are looking for in the next title based on my experience within the community and the general feel of the most recent titles.

I guess i could put it into an easier to understand context for you so here goes:

"Apples" (Call of Duty) come from "apple trees" (Activision). A lot of Apples picked this year (Black Ops
Title) were eaten by "people who love apples" (Gamers who play Call of Duty).

The "majority"  I've interacted with (
Majority is a subset of a group consisting of more than half of its members) are "people who love apples. They're saying they hope there will be bigger and better "Apples" this Christmas (MW3 release). They were talking about what type season they would have( speculating --> predicting the outcome on what and how the "Apples" will be improved).

I took that information and created a little post, given my level of experience in the COD series I felt the need to share my findings on the XBOX 360 forum hoping to receive some decent responses. The only one who bothered to respond was you, which is unfortunate, but it happens.

That's all i can do for you if you need further assistance i will refer you to 1800-ABC-DEFG.

Your pushing the stereotype to the limit, post something relevant next time, and i will also point out the formula I've posted above.

To be honest as long as they sorted out all the hacking and cheating and what not, that would make me happy in the next game. Everything else to do with the game would be an added bonus, especially weapons that you could customize.

Yeah Minus XP for Boosting would be a god send wouldn't it. There will always be J TAGS, there will always be modders who open lobby's to get free XP and people looking to get ahead unfairly. It's unfortunate and there's probably little they can do to prevent it, other than hiring a team to actively investigate these matters, which is not at all cost effective nor realistic.

But who knows maybe they'll add some type of anticheating software like what they have currently available on the PC. I guess only time will tell.

a nice well written post...and while I don't game on the PC, most of the problems you mentioned also exist on the consoles. The difference bettween the two companies is that IW makes a decent quality game full of bugs to *** up your experience, while Treyarch makes a Less buggy game with a less than memorable storyline and keeps rediculous perks in the game that should have been scrapped out after Cod4.

Nice post

All i want is a longer campaign with co-op like in WAW.

I know this might not have a zombie mode but at least a mode almost like it but with aliens or something

I would like to see:

1.  A game that lets you rank up in story mode and have the ability to carry over what you unlock to online multi-player.

2.  A different approach to unlocking things and ranking up online.  No more prestige.

3.  The ability to put more than one or two attachments on your weapon, other games let you do this now, I would like to be able to use a gun with extended mags, grips, and a scope if I want.

4.  Tone down the kill streak rewards with smaller more simple rewards: Uav, Jammer, restocking ammo, at the most a predator missile or attack chopper.


I'm hoping for a more balanced multiplayer experience. Removal of the OMA perk and rescavenged grenade launcher ammuntion is a must. Stackable killstreaks should no longer be implemented either. Hopefully they'll have a killstreak similar to the SR 71 from black ops, its very useful.

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