What We Know So Far About The Next Update...

There is already a fair amount of information available about what will be contained in the next update.  We now know that the update will include, at a minimum, the following:

- The End

- The Enderdragon

- Climbable Vines

- Dispensers that shoot both lava and water

- Fire Charges

- Stackable Signs (in inventory) up to at least 16

- Sheep will regrow wool

- The ability to reset the Nether

- Item frames

- Spawn eggs

- Sandstone stairs

- An "X" mark will appear on the map showing the location of the End Portal when someone is in The End

- Nether brick slabs

- There is an option to turn off the animated character UI display



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Cool list^ but i could reallly do with some upsidedown stairs! everything looks half finished & its keeping me up at night!!! endless nether brick is a bonus, the X mark thing on my map when someones in my End portal messing with my dragon i can really do without+ whats a fire charge?

This video explains the fire charge.


Item frames already?..

Thank god we can finally stack signs.

We now have additional information regarding the update.  Notably, The End will be a little different from the PC, including: (1) the exit gate will be accessible even if the ender dragon is not defeated; (2) the dragon will breathe Ender Acid; and (3) at least 2 of the Ender Crystals will be encased in iron bars to prevent arrows.


Other changes not noted in my original post include:


- Stackable bowls up to 64
- Wooden planks, slabs and stairs vary in color based on the original tree wood (Birch, Oak or Spruce)
- Buckets are now stackable up to 16
- Gravel texture is changed
- Wooden buttons added
- You will be able to craft nether brick from netherrack (by burning netherrack in a furnace)
- Nether brick slabs and stairs are added


Excellent, different wood colors and item frames were some of the biggest structural things I wanted in the next update.

But they aren't adding upside down stairs in this update though.

+1 different wood colors are pretty useful. I'm sick of using the same slabs.

I am getting excited for the Ender Dragon fight now. This is our first BOSS battle on XBOX Minecraft!

I wonder how many more updates we will get though. Could this be close to The End?

Considering the amount of money this game is generating, I would expect the updates to keep coming.  This is certainly not the last, as 4J Studios regularly refers to certain features, like Jungle biome, coming in a "later update."  From the perspective of someone who plays exclusively in Survival Mode, I'm actually most looking forward to something simple--sheep that regrow their wool.  Killing sheep and breeding new ones to get wool is tiresome.


This next statement is no doubt highly controversial, but in terms of The End, my dream would be that it would not be accessible from a map in which you have ever entered Creative Mode (the same way achievements and leaderboard are disabled).  That way, you have to work to make it to The End and defeat the dragon.  You can't just add enchanted Diamond Armor and 200 arrows to your inventory and go to The End.

I'm stockpiled and ready, Enderdragon going down.

Now all we need is a date..