What was your best gaming experience?

I want to know about people's best gaming experience in a game, if it was single player or multiplayer. My best gaming experience was with Call of Duty: World at War, I used to really enjoy that game a lot and everyday I came back from school (I was about 11) I would always sign online and I would create classes like a Wehrmact class using the MP40 and the Kar98k or a US Marine class using a M1A1 Thompson and the M1A1 Carbine. I loved the different types of map for instance you could be on an American v Japanese map where there a beaches and jungles and good places to set up booby-traps or the Soviet V German maps how close quarter combat would be needed when you go through buildings but at the same time you could use long range weapons to pick off anyone in the map. I would still play Call of Duty: World at War if I could but it is difficult to find a good game with no hackers, modders or cheaters.


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the absolute best experience I ever had gaming, was when I was playing halo 2 a few years ago, 3 of my team quit and I was up against 4 other players in slayer on colossus map. I basically crouched and hunted the other team down, made it impossible for them to find me quickly and win.

2nd best was playing a CTF on halo reach and half of my 8 member team quit on a CTF match.... 4 of us just stuck around and made it impossible for the other team to win. we totally skunked them for the 12 minutes left in the game. we didn't win...but the other team never even touched our flag either

I was playing Battlefield 3 Karkand stage GrinReaper01 (clan member) and I  was on the same team. I spawn right next to him while he was sniping. As soon as I spawned I look down and saw a tank looking up at us while we was on the rooftop of a building. My clan member said in a raised voice "MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE". We both start sprinting to the other side of the building. We didn't make to the other side of the building but we did mange to survive the blast. What really caught our attention was my partner fell from the rooftop to last room in the building and i fell from the rooftop to the second to last room with only 3% health.