What was the update to DR3

Had to wait 6 hours for it update, What was it anyway????????????


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It looks as though it was to accommodate the new DLC.

So why did it install from the net not from game the game cd it took 6 hours to install and when is the DLC coming out then ??

The update was released after the game's release.  That's why the update came from the web and not the disc.  I have not seen any word regarding when DLC is going to be released, but I have a feeling the first of the DLC will be hitting in either Jan. or Feb.  Just a guess tho.

why would updates be on the disk? they have to come from online as they are made to fix issues they couldn't fix before store release of their game.

The update messed the game up, it keeps booting me back to the home screen when I play for more than 5 minutes.

6hrs for it to update??? Ummm, are you using AOL dial-up?