What was so great about Gears 1 gnasher?

Most people I've talked to want the gears 3 shotgun that way. I don't see what is so great about it. It only works the way you want it to when your the host other than that it is not very consistent.


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it was perfect. because if someone should have died, they always died. gears 2 shotgun was pure BS and the gears 3 shotgun is close to perfection but not as good as the gears 1 shotty. but only just.

ROFL oh yeah theres noooo problems with the g1 gnasher except the part where you could head shot somone from 10 feet away??


because it actually took skill to use...and i dont think it was so much the gnasher, but it was your characters movement within the game, its so fluid its amazing, gears 2 movement was horrible, gears 3 is closer to gears 1 but not so perfect

in gears 1 u felt heavy but fast (exactly how it should be)

in gears 2 you felt heavy AND i gues they tried to make it more "realistic" by makin you slow, and it ended up just bein dumb

in gears 3 your fast again, but u feel lighter, and i guess they are trying to do that so it makes sense that ur moving fast, but you dont have that sense that ur carrying some big @@@ gun and are some 300 pound guy carryin hundred pounds of armor on you anymore

anyway, the movement makes the shotgun...im gunna coin that phrase

Gears1 shotgun is on point

gow2 shotgun is broken

Before you talk about GoW 1 you must realize that there are two kinds of people out there. The ones who loved the game but realize its time has passed and the ones that love the game and think that it was and still is pure greatness.

Those people seem to point out all the bad things about GoW 2 and seem to overlook all the bad in GoW 1. They seem to forget about host advantage, crab walkers, weapon sliding, ninja flipping, leaving maps, etc. They see nothing wrong with GoW 1 in any way.

Now, as a Gears Head who loved GoW 1 and tolerated GoW 2 the gnasher in GoW 1 was pretty sweet but it still had issues. People say it hit all the time correctly but GoW 1 was always one big shotgun danceathon. If the weapon worked right then there would not be any dance offs. The main reason shotgun battles even happened was not because of how well the shotgun worked but it was because of how weak all the other weapons were.

Now that those weapons work correctly in GoW 3 all the GoW 1 gnasher lovers are crying because they can't dance the night away with their shotguns.

@Lord Dirt

GTFO of here with that bullshit and your glitched gamerscore.

GoW1 shits on GoW2. End of story.

Cliff said it himself.

Gears 1 shotgun was by no means great. It had its BS moments as well. The reason why I didn't complain about that was because the game for me was not laggy at all, and I was able to play fast paced without having to worry about Stopping Power.

It's about personal opinions. He spoke what he thought, and you don't have to bash him for it. And who cares what Cliff says.

Gears of War 1 was an easier game to adapt to.  You have your One shot down snipers and your shotgun with no range whatsoever.  I understand people cry about the Gears 2 TU6 hard-aim shotgun (<--- that was a mouthful ), but what kind of a shotgun actually has the sorry range of Gears 1 shotty?  Did you guys see the size of those maps in the Beta anyway?  Gears 1 shotty would never work.  Everyone would weild the Retro.

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