What Updates should minecraft do?

List here what you would like to see Minecraft do for updates in the future.


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1. Mine carts with ability to build on (To make cars, trucks, trains)

2. mine cart tracks that can be placed vertical on the walls to make elevators for you tall buildings if mine carts have buildable function.

3. floating wood that is buildable but drifts around on water unless you put a redstone wheel on it, then it become moveable like being in a boat.

4. real vehicles. Cars( with loading/ buildable status to put block in/on to carry or trans for by building a bigger vehicle, example: a normal truck can be build into an 18 wheeler), planes (with build able status to make bigger ones), even hot air balloon/ blimps to move around more for flight.

5. to beable to sleep in the nether and the End without blowing up.

6. to choose a seed theme by selecting check boxes so you can customize your perfect world: example of what I mean:

if you want lets say a world of night no day but a fiery land like nether the select the boxes forever night and fiery land.

if you want an underwater world with out manually filling it up then select underthesea.

if you wanted more moons or suns, longer days and nights or shorter days and vice versa,

if you wanted to choose what farground (area outside of your range but can see) images you wanted so a flat world looks better.

or make a world creation mode where it is like a 3d version of paint that allows us to make and shape the world and buildings without going into details that can be done in creative mode so you can make mountains and oceans forests desserts with out having to do hours of senseless work and give you the options of time control so you can have forever day or night, and allow us to make sky changes like putting planets in the sky for alien effect, color the moons and sun and change their glow for even more alien effects.

7. control over villager skins and jobs to fit better in the game. nothing big just give them a skin to where and then if you spawn them on farming soil the are permanently a farmer and will put food or supplies into a chest of your choice.

and to be able to make them choose, when you put a new chest down an assign button will show with a list of working villagers, select villager and that villager will put into that chest. or giving a villager an item will give them that job. ex.. weapon make hunter/protector, how makes farmer, pick makes miner and shovel makes digger, ax make lumber jack ect...

8.be able to spawn monsters in peaceful mode for zoo/exibit purposes

9. spawn dragons.

10. able to leave the end without killing dragon or dies.

11. location teleporters so u don't have to run or ride in future type games, and ability to connect to other worlds you made if teleported is linked to it.

12. able to use mob spawners instead of eggs

13. better electrical lay out system. like being able to select a clearish yellow box from menus in creative mode place them in existing blocks that will glow only in creative mode to show locations but can make it easier to set up ceiling lights ect..

14.able to use all mash-up and texture packs together for better world making.

15.future weapons and tools. guns flame thrower nuke block instead of tnt ect

16.able to reposition blocks to put them at angles or atleast rotates them for better use.

17 a custom armour and weapon maker, material, colors ect

18.have a downloadable theater mode to be able to send to you tube or email.

19. able to marry and have kids if you can control villagers to make it more fun.

20 . make the book item into a real item to beable to write your own stories and fill book shelfs for real.

21. add tv and monitors with moving mine craft stuff just for show.

22. able to save a copy of other peoples world as long as you are given moderator status.

23.curved blocks for circular effects and buildings.

24. give us statues and tombstones for decoration purposes

25.art work editor, giving us ability to make paintings

26 ability to customize our character more, ex..make them fatter or skinnier, taller or shorter. skin editor ect

27allow boat to go upstream against currents coming down hills to make better warter parks

28. new mobs and animals, slenderman (my first choice), ghost, werewolf, vampire, mummy, aquatic life birds ect...

29. to be able to make your own realm like the nether or the end but it is your design with customized blocks

30. active skins, if diver then breath underwater, if fire monster then you don't burn, if creeper you can explode (but will die) if enderman then teleport a short distance, if a flying creature then flight, ect

31. better disks in the game like a haunted sound effects disc that sounds like creaking floors, distance moaning and laughing, whispers ect. .

32. able to make working rotating mills, whether wind or water to add realism.

I believe that's all ill put for now lol, sorry for the long list

33. Be able to enchant anything

34. Be able to control pigs when you mount them

It might be easier for you to make a indie title

I would but they would probably try and sue me lol

i need more Minecraft 360 360 edition update next week

it would be good if we had writing books, dinosaur mod, witchery mod, hammer, pixelmon and emerald Amor.

20th july please

no earlier

can you also add in galacticraft ,morph mod and hide and seek on 24th July 2014 : )

Redstone over iron amour, special sword , special bow. I meant no later than 24th july

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