What to do after everything is done?

I have finished all the Companion's, Dark Brotherhood, Thieve's Guild, and Main Story. I MIGHT do College of Winterhold (not much of a magic user). I have done a few Deadric quests and random quests I have picked up randomly. I go hunting a lot and just got lvl 100 smithing. I just want to know what I should do now. I have played for almost 50 hours. I am afraid I am going to run out of stuff to do....


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Talk to a lot of town-folk and Bartenders. You will get tons of Miscellaneous Quest that a lot also lead to half-way good loot Quest.

get some bounties from bartenders, thats fun.

clear all dungeons, do all other side quests, find all 3 words for every shout, find all dragon priest masks, find all the daedric artifacts(from daedric missions).

probably played roughly the same and haven't even visited every major city yet.



I know the feeling... I've played for 75 or possibly more and I've only just decided to go to Falkreath (and barely touched it).

From the developer - If you pretty much follow the main questlines only with occasional side quests or misc objectives thrown in you should finish the main story in 30+ hours.  I have done 40 quests, 147 misc objectives, 7 main quests, 11 side quests, and only 1 questline has been completed.  My game time is over 114 hours and 37 minutes.  A few of those misc objectives and side quests feels like full blown missions in there own right that take an hour or more to complete.  My character is also at Level 35.  Talking to the bartenders in the inns, the heralds for the Jarls, shopkeepers in the stalls, and random NPCs will net you more than you can possibly play in 50 hours.

Level 35 in 114 hours?


I mean no offense, but are you avoiding some kind of leveling up? No restoration, no smithing, using a maxed out combat skill or unarmed...so on?


Just curious because while still running a character over 114 hours is great, it just seems oddly disjointed.

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No, I'm not offended or anything, and yes I'm sort of  stretching it out.  Not personally going out of my way to NOT level up, but I have performed "misc objectives" and "side quests" type jobs precisely because they are easier and helps to flesh out the back story of what is going on.  Gives me greater context about the main story and the world I'm playing in.  Basically, makes it more enjoyable for me.  Also playing at the "Adept" level which I suppose it the default setting.  I'm starting to see job completing bonuses by coin purses larger than 1000 pieces or a really cool weapon from a Jarls armory.  I think I have only been in 6 of the holds.

game tech never ends all the guilds make quests non stop