What the Hell is Going On?

I've never had issues with the MP before, but today I'm having, well... let's call it severe issues. First, everytime I get into a lobby, the host leaves (or gets booted) as soon as a 4th person enters -- this happened 6x in a row. On my 7th attempt, we get into a game, but the host left (or got booted) immediately after round 1 ended. I try again, but the host left (or got booted) in the pre-game lobby, but this time, instead of a load screen, my TV goes black forcing me to dashboard. When I loaded up the game again, I got the following message that I've never seen, nor heard of, in my 6 years on XBL:




I only have 1 console & have never played on anyone else's Xbox other than my own. Finally, after successfully reloading the game yet again, I get the infamous Mass Effect "a sign in change has occured." So seriously, is this just me or what? WTF is going on here?


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Just to be on the safe side I'd change the password to your account. That message in the pic usually means that someone has recovered your profile on to another console.


Apparently EA's side of things was compromised a little while ago, so if you used the same password to your EA account as you use to your gamertag, then you could be in trouble.

lol. i've seen that message before playing GOW3...i just turned off my console and re started it again.

and for the booting part. yea, earlier i played a match. right after wave one we lost a guy. then on wave 11 we got a new player. wierd

I have been having issues on and off lately too.  EA servers have never been stable in any of their games.  Also having major issues with the Scorpion.  Sometimes it shoots right through the floor, walls, and the enemies.  Thats a huge pain in the butt when it happens.

I've had the problem with the console freezing and forcing me to turn off / restart my console when I get killed in SP, or giving me the dirty disc error which is BS, my disc is spotless. It has been getting progressively worse (happening more and more frequently) for me.  I got that same message as you, OP, either last night or the night before, can't remember which but it was when playing SP. From what I've gleaned from other posts, it seems to be a problem with EA's servers (there's a big surprise) and something about your profile being corrupted during syncing of data between the console and their servers. I guess they're supposed to be working on patching that as well, but don't really know much more than that.

I get the "sign-in change has occurred" from time to time as well

As stated, change your password/liveid info. If the account was recovered by someone else you may want to keep an eye on your bank/credit statements, as well as your MS points. If you see activity, immediately call support and open an unauthorized access case.

I've only seen the "sign-in" error once and had it freeze up on me a few times, but it's always when the single player game is loading after I've died.  I know that there is some sort of new DVD format that some of the newer titles have adopted and there have been some compatibility errors as a result, Arkham City sports this new disc format and has had the same freezing problem and, ironically, the "fix" for that game is to not sign in until after you've started the game so don't be too alarmed by the "sign-in" error, we're starting to see some cracks with the older technology not keeping up with the new...:-)

That error posted doesn't look like the normal EA server sign-in error. That is a dashboard notification which is why extra attention should be paid to it.


Just about every time I turn on the game I get the in-game sign in error which IS a problem with the EA servers authentication. Likely it forces the game to restart as it also closes/flushes any connections or ip addresses that remain in their server cache.


(EDIT: Just thought of something... are you saving to the cloud or did you recently change those settings?)

Because the same problem has come up with other games that aren't EA Games I'd lean towards it being an XBOX Live Profile "authentication" that is somehow related to the latest DVD format that's being targeted for use in future platforms, just uneducated speculation on my part, for what it's worth, try signing into XBOXLive AFTER the Main Menu appears, it works like a charm for Arkham City when the same problem came up in that game...:-)