What the Hell Happen?

Ok, let start off by saying that I really had hopes this game was the little train that could. I like games, I don't believe this game is better than that game. I think they all go for diff. experiences for individuals. With that said, This looks nothing like what I've been shown through the PR campaign. Seriously, some of the issues the games have are not as simple as we'll fix it based on feed back, they're not simple flip a switch. Game development doesn't work that way sadly. Some of the issues may be too late  fix. Not only that, some of the fixes will call for other part of the game to suffer. Frame rate, texture resolution, destruction being minimized etc....., something will take a hit. I know that at the game development level of people they try to put out the best possible experience that they can for the community. I think in this case EA PR screwed the developers by presenting a game that does not measure up to what will actually ship. I give props to the guys at DICE. They generally do good work.

OH yeah the reason why I believe that they chose this level as the beta is because it most closely appeals to the call of duty fan.  PR needs to market BattleField as BattleField and build an audience as oppose to we have to steal this audience. I just don't see it happening this time around. Not based on the ours I put in.


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