What the heck!!!

I've been playing Madden 12 online a lot lately and...... What the heck is this? It seems like everyone I play does this short kick thing where it falls right infront of their players on a kick off and they recover every single time! Almost every game I've been in they do this! SO I send them a message saying stop cheating! They say its not cheating and I'm cheating by using the Broncos? Uhhhh? I've always used the Broncos since NFL Gameday 99 and I was 9 years old what the heck. Anyone else run into this problem with people doing this? Is this some type of glitch?


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It's not cheating; it's a play implemented by the developers called a 'surprise onside'. Remember in Super Bowl XLIV when the Saints opened up the second half with an onside kick? It's more or less the same thing. If you want to try it out for yourself, you choose kickoff, then instead of pressing 'A' to kick the ball, you press 'B'.

I think it's just ridiculous when teams do this throughout the game. Kind of like going for it on 4th down every series. Please people either play the game as a true sim like it was intended or don't bother. Maybe they can make some change in the game for next year (or even lobbies on live?) for Sim players who want realistic football.

I can only do it once per game! The people I have gone against was able to do it every kick off....

well then they r just doing an onside kick because the surprise onside kick can only be done once. just pick onside kick every time is the best thing i can tell you

it's real football there are teams in high school that onside kick every time.  Why not do it?  You can always call a time out when they line up with the onside kick package.  Also the way almost all the kicks go out of bounds just line up onside kick recovery everytime anyway and you'll be good.

it tells you pre snap if it is an onside kick.  Just wait for your opponent to choose his kick off play.  Of course it won't tell you about the suprise onside kick.  Since most kicks aren't returnable anyway, I just select one of the front line guys, so when the dribble kick occurs, I can recover.  So upon kick, you will always see that guy going forward for the surprise recovery.  Then you can message them thanking them for the field position if they choose that lame play.