What the heck gnasher shotgun?

Me and a enemy player on opposite corners of the same pillar. We both have gnasher shotguns and have never been shot at this round. I shoot first,  nailing him in the head. HE IS NOT DEAD. A second later, he does the exact same thing, except I am in cover. I BLOW UP. WTF? it is the exact same curcumstance for both partys only i shoot fist, and yet I die?


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He might have had an Active Reload.

Active reload. Learn to abuse it.

Yes, it was likely due to an Active Reload. For the Gnasher Shotgun, the damage table is as follows:

Damage: 500 | Damage with PAR: 600


But the thing is, I had an active reload. I wasted a bullet in my shotgun just for the active reload.

Lag maybe?