What the?? 4v4v4 in multi-team?

Since when was there 4 player teams in multi-player? Haven't played that mode for a while and was surprised to find myself in a 4v4v4 match. Is that normal now or was something fishy going on?

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There were several players in a clan all hanging around together in a game on Turbine in the corner of the map. They weren't really attempting to play really, just standing there. Hacking? They left when I shot them all.

Seems like something fishy. Can you give me a snappy of the scoreboard for that game, please?

Yep, will go get one.



This was at the start of the match in theatre mode. The bottom team is myself and my son.

Should add that the next match on Turbine kept migrating. They weren't in a 4 player team, all were in one place near the fallen turbine. It was very odd.

I keep getting conflicting reports. Normally, I see 3v3v3 but it says it haves a 18 player limit - 6v6v6. I'll ask around.

I think the matchmaking thingy gets goofy sometimes. Ive played 8 vs 4 and 9 vs 3 games of core Domination. Its like the lobby is full of 3 parties of 4 people (making 12 people in lobby)and accidentally puts two parties on one team (8 people) and the third party (4 people) on the other team. Not sure though.

Before the game's release Vondahaar had gone on record saying that there could be any combination of people for mutliple teams up to 18 players, but I've never actually seen it...